Candid Love

Dallas, TX: Award-winning film director Kurtz Frausun captures a gay couple's relationship struggles and the death of a parent, set in the backdrop of their Plano, TX apartment during a snow storm, in the new documentary, "Candid Love."

Jon and Daniel have been working on building a life together after both have experienced recent difficulties. But the news of Daniel's father having an aneurism sends the already strained relationship into a panic-mode when he must disappear to Wisconsin to be by his dad's side. Sadly, by the time he arrives, it's too late. His father has fallen into a coma and the family decides to end treatment.

Jon remains in Dallas, trying to keep the home going and being a rock for Daniel to rely upon, their phone calls to one another being a source of both hope and heartache. But with Daniel's history of alcoholism and depression, a failed marriage to a woman who was the "love of his life" overshadowing his mental health, and Jon's bi-polar fluctuations, the strain becomes even greater, causing them to each question their motives, the meaning of family, and the future of their relationship.
Created by Studio| Frausun ( Featuring Jon Hargis, Daniel Hendricks, and Shanea Devon. Music by Joe Trapani and John Emerson. Filmed in Dallas, Texas.

What The Critics Are Saying:

"Frausun examines these questions with complete control, allowing them to breathe, and then collide, creating a profound uncertainty."
Film The Madman

"Stunning, painful, maddening, and to my mind one of the best representations of gay men I've seen. I'm still processing it to be honest, but this is something everyone should see."

Scott Colbert, The Supernaughts Podcast

"...a disturbing sight that raises all sorts of questions."
The Gay UK

"An unusual and surprisingly challenging documentary which thrusts you into a situation that’s not uncommon but which is easy to dismiss or judge, but shows that underneath the complex issues of things such as mental health and addiction are real people looking for love and happiness."
Tim Isaac, Big Gay Picture Show

"What Frausun has succeeded in doing is producing a finely photographed film for a niche market...more importantly, he has stepped over and blurred documentary lines...big questions are asked - all on a miniscule, that's filmmaking..."


Transpose is a film documentary that explores the extraordinary challenges and triumphs of transgender people as they transition from the gender assigned to them at birth to living the life that they have envisioned for themselves whether as a transgender man or transgender woman.  Transpose is a collection of powerful stories of individuals who choose to determine the course of their life, regardless of the difficult path of transition.

Transpose, a program of Arttitude, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which serves to unite the LGBTQ+ and diverse community, local artists, academic researchers, and public and private organizations with the goal of inciting positive change and equality for all through art shows, music events, and other artistic endeavors.

“The stories of courage, tenacity and resolve exhibited by the characters will surely touch the lives of people, in one shape or form. It humanizes the struggles of the transgender community and affirms the basic desire of each of us to live the best life we want.” – Maria Angela.

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