Buy the Novel “Single” By Kurtz Frausun

“Let’s get wrecked.”

I smiled and inhaled the line. That moment. The second you don’t feel anything. It was glorious. I’d pay for it tomorrow. I knew that as the powder filled me. But a break from the voice…that mean old drunk in your mind that yells when you try to sleep. It’s doubt. It’s failure. It’s the prophet that knows you will always be alone. I watched the cars race by, the trees disappeared in front of the stars.

Those fucking stars. I used to lay down with her in the backyard on warm nights and try to decipher the constellations, Braille I couldn’t feel.


"Single" is a true confessional work spanning one year of heartbreak, mixed with longing for a better life, as expressed in romantic poetry.

About The Author: 3 time award-winning (London Film Awards 2013, Straightjacket Film Festival 2017, Q Cinema 2017), Dallas, Texas experimental filmmaker Kurtz Frausun, began in music and moved onto filmmaking soon after. He's a graduate of Southern Methodist University and a member of the International Association of Press Photographers.

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