Words of the Damned

Anais, a young woman whose lover has died, awakes from an unsettling dream: the man she loved has written a letter in an attempt to contact her from beyond the grave. Upon waking, she finds the note by her bedside. As her journey through temptations, lies, and hallucinations begins, she struggles, driven by hope, that love survives the grave. Or has she, in fact, lost her mind?


STARRING: Shelly Pinder, John Charles Dickson, Jessica Dahl, Jay Gavit, and Claire Millican

ADVISOR: Lisa Davis

MUSIC: Solemn Assembly, The Razorblade Dolls, TransRelic, Cyclic Vendetta, Sonata Verita, Leviathan's Burning, Winter Laurel, Transhuman Unit, and DJ Frausun

What The Critics Are Saying:

"A strange art film that really does speak to everyone...a movie that, if you let it, will speak to your soul."
Rogue Cinema

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