Studio Frausun: Photography & Videography

Studio | Frausun, in Dallas, Texas offers one-of-a-kind black and white erotic photographyexperimental films, underground movies, gay films, music videos, documentaries, feature-length independent film, and short films. Focusing on digital filmmaking and photography, with an emphasis on symbolism, erotica and experimentation, Studio | Frausun is always working on film projects that break new ground and challenge the concepts of traditional art.

Our Latest Projects:

Who We Are:


3 time award-winning (London Film Awards 2013, Straightjacket Film Festival 2017, Q Cinema 2017), Dallas, Texas experimental filmmaker Kurtz Frausun, began in music and moved onto filmmaking soon after. He's a graduate of Southern Methodist University and a member of the International Association of Press Photographers.


Lady Victoria was trained by an elite secret organization to protect and give kisses when needed. She has a love for cheese and BBQ bones.

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